Christmas Tree

Finally we have a computer that works! So I'm back! We pick out a Christmas tree a couple weeks ago and decorated it. The kids had a really good time. Thank goodness for plastic ornaments! It was really fun to see them concentrating so hard to get their ornament just right on that particular branch. There was alot of focus and concentration going on that night. We talked about Santa, and how he's going to bring presents, Nehemiah told me he wanted a Rock and Roll Micky Mouse, and Michelle says she wants Santa...i don't think she really grasps the concept. Regardless they know that Santa is going to come and they are both VERY excited!


Happy birthday to my beautiful princess

Today is michelle's 2nd birthday, geez I can't believe it's been a whole year since she turned one. Well for memories sake, Michelle love to eat pizza, tacos, sing twinkle twinkle, she loves her stuffed bear will hearts all over And her favorite blanket, she loves her new dog Nala, she sneaks the dog her food when she eats and always make sure the dog gets in the house. She is full of personality, she can hold her own against her big brother Nehemiah. She still love LoVES shoes. She's still super determined and strong willed, she's beautiful and she knows it. She loves her brother Nehemiah, they sit up in their room and tell eachother back and forth "I love you" "I love YOU" and it continues as it did tonight. Michelle loves her baby brother rocky and takes care of him really well, she likes to share her French fries with him. She's a sweet little girl full of spunk and determination. I lOve you my little princess happy birthday! I have killer cut pics that I'll post asap but our computer is down :( UPDATE! PICS!

Michelle talking to Grandma and Grandpa...



The kids have just figured out that mommy and daddy have "real names" to which they have been getting a kick out of saying. So, last night I was doing the usual routine in putting the kids to bed. I'd already had the baby and Michelle asleep and I was working on Nehemaih. We read our normal two books sang "I am a child of God" and "Twinkle Twinkly little Star" and began our prayer. When i pray with Nehemiah I say something and he repeats it until we are done praying. the prayer went like this
me: please bless mommy
nehemiah: please bless mommy
me: please bless daddy
nehemiah: please bless chris.(pause) *giggleing*
me:please bless daddy
nehemiah: please bless chris *laughing*
me:please bless daddy
nehemiah: please bless chris **laughing harder**

It was really cute. He thought he was so funny.


Our son, the beat boxer?

Nehemiah was dancing around making weird sounds with his mouth so I asked him to do it again so I could record it. So he did, with pleasure, and when he finished he insisted on seeing it so I showed him, his comment was "miah awtome" haha


So, Im Brown

Many of you probably know that my son Nehemiah loves to talk, but much of what he says isn't understandable to most. I always say that i can not wait for the day when we understand everything he's saying because he has alot to say and im sure its got to be funny! Well today i got a little piece of this funny. He was standing next to me in his underwear, and as i was admiring his beautiful skin he said "Miah brown", to which i replied, "yes, nehemiah is brown your skin is so nice" i then put his arm next to mine to compare, and said "Nehemiah's brown, what color is Mommy? is mommy brown?" "No" he said as he tapped his finger on his cheek in deep thought, "YEAH! Mommy brown!" he screamed as he pointed to one of my many moles on my arm....hahaha hilarious, there you go, i AM brown, i knew it all along!


the Fourth

Our fourth was SO MUCH FUN! The day started with Daddy heading to work, and the kids and i decided to go visit him. So i got the kids all dressed and patriotic for the day and headed to the airport. It was a good surprise and i think he liked it, actually i know he did, he LOVEs showing off his family.

Afterwards the kids and i headed to Walmart (*note to self: NEVER go to walmart on the 4th) to pick up food for our BBQ. We picked up all of our food and things and headed back home so little Miss Michelle could get a good nap in. The missionaries came over (YES Elder Butler was one of them) and when chris came home we headed to the park to start our BBQ. The kids played on the playground while chris did his thing with the grill, and the Elders tossed around the football.

Right after we finished feasting on our DElicious grub, it started pouring rain...we all sought shelter under the only tree around, and waited for it to pass.

It was Elder Senior's Birthday last week, its Brocks birthday on the 6th and its Elder Cabrara's Birthday on the 18th, so I made cupcakes so we could sing happy birthday to all of them. We had to do it under the tree since it was still raining. Here they are blowing out the candles...LOL

It was alot of fun to have them join us in our festivities, but they had to take off to an appointment they had set to watch fireworks. The sun was SLOWLY setting, chris busted out some of the kids fireworks, and Nehemiah was super into it. Chris taught him how to light these smoke bombs so Nehemiah would light these smoke bombs, and run to the basketball court with it to toss it. It was a good time. Fireworks had been going off for at least an hour at the point and it was constant popping coming from all directions. As the night grew darker more and more fireworks were going off. Here we were at this park in a residential area and there are BIG fireworks going off in 360 degrees. There was no need to go anywhere to "see" any fireworks show there was a show right there all around us. There is nothing like it, so cool, i really like the 4th in Montana. The kids had a good time with their glowing color things and watching the fireworks daddy was lighting and the ones all around us. It really was relaxing an just a good time.

I can't help but be overwhelmed with gratitude for my blessings. Im grateful for our Service members who continue to fight so we can live the life we do, im grateful to be an American, Im grateful for my Husband and children, and im grateful to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am so truly blessed.


Bend Photo Shoot

So a couple weeks ago I drove with the kids to Bend OR, thanks to my Amazing Aunt Kathy. The kids had a great time playing with their cousins and having the freedom of running outside. It was fun to see my grandma and grandpa Moss. My grandma helped me look threw a big bin of old photos of our family and told me about who the different people were. I took my camera with every intention of capturing our trip on film but of course i left the memory card in our laptop back in bozeman...dang it! Anyways it was a great extended weekend of shopping, dinning, movie watching, chatting, ZUMBA (my aunt Amanda teaches and shes A-mazing!), and family time. My Aunt Kathy is a fabulous photographer with such amazing props and costumes to die for! So of course I could not leave Bend without my kids getting in front of her camera. Here is a little taste of the pics!


Opinions PLEASE!!!

Ok so its official! Im going to start an Etsy shop, but I need a name for my line of whimsical girl clothing. I have narrowed it down to a few but i REALLY need your input!

1. Mi Chelle Belle
2. Chelley Pai
3. Miss Chelley Belle

OK now comment and tell me which one you like, try to take into account, something catchy, cute and memorable!



Car Ride

Every since Huggies (i think) came out with that new commercial of a little boy riding his Lightning McQueen threw his house, Chris and i have REALLY wanted to bust Nehemiah's out of storage and let him finally ride it again. So we did, the weather wasnt great, the wind was blowing like 100MPH and it was COLD but Nehemiah didnt care. We took him up to a gravel parking lot on campus, that doesnt get used much, and let him RIDE.

He was so excited he wanted to take his sister for a ride...

VERY cute but Michelle wasnt too much into the cold wind so her and I headed to the car to eat some left over chips from lunch

It was a fun little family trip, glad we took Nehemiah, its been way to long since he last got to ride his car.

the wind was pretty intense you can see from his face LOL. Now he is CONSTANTLY asking about his "big car". Hopefully we get some better days to make these trips a little more enjoyable for the rest of us. But, until then we'll suck it up for our boy!


Bozeman "Beach"

We have had a few AMAZING days in Bozeman so one one of thoes days (when chris didnt have to work) we took the kids to the BEACH!!!! hahaha well thats what the locals call it anyways. We had a great time soaking in the sun rans we havn't felt since we left San Diego, while the kids played in the "sand". While we were there a local news crew showed up, and because we were the only ones there asked us to do an interview....thank you to my husband he let me take the spotlight (I did NOT want to). Then they filmed the kids for a while as they played. The story played that night and luckily the edited almost my whole interview out because i sounded so dang stupid...haha. Anyways it was a really fun family trip, with our PB&J's, waterbottles, bubbles, sand castle molds, buckets, and shovels. Thank you for the fabulous day Bozeman, please bring more!


The Rocks Blessing

Sunday was a very special day for our family. Not only did we get to celebrate our Moms, and think about all they have done and sacrificed for us to be where we are today, but it was Rocky's blessing day as well. Since Chris is stuck working Sundays and can't make it to church we got special permission to do it at home. Thats not the only special permission requested for the day, Elder Butler also got special permission to be able to come over and be apart of the blessing. So Chris, Elder Butler, Elder Senior, and Brother Pulsiver (our home teacher and new 2nd counselor in the Bishopric) stood in the circle and blessed the baby. Chris did a fantastic job on the blessing, I couldn't be more proud...

Brock was also able to skype home from our house on Mothers Day. So amazing we get to have these experiances!